Resubmission of Planning Application for 77M (252 ft) Wind Turbine at Maescadog, Caio
despite being refused by CCC and on Appeal.

 The new Planning Application number for this machine is E/32181 and your help is urgently needed
to ensure we get this turned down - for the third time! 
This Application received a record number of objections first time round - but none of these will count in the resubmission. 
It's a big ask, but PLEASE continue to submit letters, with any new information regarding this Application (please see below)

 NB : We have a little more breathing space for sending more letters as it looks as if this will not
go to Committee / be decided until the November meeting at the earliest.  We hope to confirm the actual date shortly.

As feared, the wording of the Planning Inspector's Notice of Refusal, more or less invited the developer to resubmit a Planning Application for a turbine on land at Maescadog Farm on the outskirts of Caio village. This he has now done, full documents are available here:

The proposed site (agricultural land adjacent to Caio Forest) is exactly the same and the spec of the machine is unchanged.  In fact, the second application is virtually identical to the first, except in respect of the Transport Plan, which as been somewhat revised.

Transport and access were the only major grounds upon which the PI turned it down, although Carmarthenshire County Council themselves refused it on many different, and equally valid grounds, to do with visual impact. 

Because of the PI's grounds for refusal, however, it is unlikely that - even if CCC are minded to refuse it again - they will revert to their own original reasons for refusal.  This is because - if it were to go to Appeal again - they could be liable for the Costs if the PI again fails to give weight to with their concerns.

Letters we can still send
This means that we should concentrate any new letters on the PI's reasons for refusal - i.e. principally the Transport Plan, which has been subject to several amendments, as the Applicants seek to address the various issues raised by the PI regarding it.

Critical to this is the possibility of a Trial Run being carried out to demonstrate that this machinery including the 'onerous load' of the generator itself can be safely delivered to the site.  It is understood that this Trial Run would either be insisted upon, prior to any approval being granted, or, if approval is granted first, be made a Condition of Planning, to be carried out before any other work on the development can commence.  It should be noted that the latter is at the suggestion of the Applicants themselves, as they seem quite well aware that they will not get away without doing the Trial Run at any stage.

All of this goes to show the issues involved in the transportation of this massive machinery - on largely unsuitable roads - from Southampton, accompanied by a Police Escort - all the way to the narrow and hazardous A482, and onwards to the single track roads around Caio.

More can be found on this within the Application Documents, by clicking on the above link, to the CCC public access site.  Then you need to choose the tab called Documents.  Relevant information can then be found within : Trunk Roads letter, Revised Traffic Management Plan and the Route Assessment.

Any personal interest / concerns / observations you have on this would make good grounds for a new letter!!

In writing your new objection letter, we would suggest you :

Reference briefly the fact that you also objected to the original application

Be sure to quote the new Application Number (E/32181)

Try to keep your objections to new and relevant concerns, maybe focussing on the Transport aspect of the Application.

Objections to this resubmitted application should be made as soon as possible, in writing, by post or email, quoting the relevant Planning Number (E/32181) to:


Planning Services, Civic Offices, Crescent Road, Llandeilo, SA19 6HW

General notes and guidance on how to object most effectively to Planning Applications for Industrial Wind Turbines in our county can also be found on the Planning and Objections page of this site.

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