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a wind turbine as tall as a
20-storey skyscraper
close to Rhydcymerau, in rural Carmarthenshire

What's this?
An English company wants to build a towering single wind turbine, 86.5 metres (283ft) tall – as tall as a 20-storey skyscraper and on a scale never before seen in Carmarthenshire outside a wind farm.

The site is on the summit of a hill, close to Rhydcymerau and Llansawel, just a few kilometres to the east of Mynydd Llanllwni. The turbine would be visible from the mountain, near Llidiad Nenog.

Prominent position

The hill, just over a kilometre to the SE of Rhydcymerau, is called Banc Cwm-Coed-Ifor and has a bridleway running over it. Confusingly, the turbine is referred to as Bryn Dafydd, Llansawel, based on the address of the site’s owner, some distance away.

The photos show how the prominent position is marked by a distinctive clump of trees. It is easily seen from the village of Rhydcymerau and from many vantage points around.


How big?
It would be the biggest single wind turbine anywhere in Carmarthenshire. The top would be higher than the top of Mynydd Llanllwni.

Why does it matter?
Because – if it gets approved by Carmarthenshire County Council – it would open the door to similar giant-sized turbines anywhere and everywhere across the whole of Carmarthenshire.

Also, you may well be able to see it where you live. It would be visible from as far as the Black and Epynt Mountains in the east, on the coast on the far side of St Clears in the west, places north of Aberaeron and south to Ammanford and Kidwelly.

What can you do?
Don't leave it to our very small, scattered communities to fight this alone. We are doing our best to stop it – not just for us but the whole of Carmarthenshire. But our voice is small unless you add yours.

Please support us
To make it quick and easy for you to object to the "skyscraper" turbine,
here is a ready-made letter you can sign. Better still, you could write your own and send it to the council, copying in your local councillors.


(For more information on Planning & Objections, please click here)




The application was submitted in October 2013. Since then, over 250 letters of objection have been sent to Carmarthenshire County Council.


What has VAST done?


VAST (Villages Against Supersize Turbines)was formed in October 2013 to represent objectors to this supersize turbine in the Rhydcymerau, Esgairdawe and Llansawel area. The group only objects to industrial-size commercial wind turbines on inappropriate sites in the countryside. It does not protest against smaller wind turbines.


A public meeting organised by VAST at Llansawel Village Hall on 22nd November 2013 was attended by over 80 people. Visual displays indicated the potential impact of the Bryn Dafydd turbine and also the 12 planned for Brechfa East.


VAST discovered that a significant number of local people had moved to the area unaware of the threat of the Brechfa East wind farm, close to Rhydcymerau. VAST is campaigning for better disclosure of wind farm areas and wind turbine applications to prospective buyers.


It has also represented the many local people who had no idea how close the Brechfa East wind farm would be to their homes and gathered their objections. In total, there were some 500 letters of objection.


VAST has used the time since the Bryn Dafydd turbine consultation period to continue to research and submit detailed objections. It continues to pursue protection for local residents from harm and disruption from the future construction of the Brechfa East wind farm. VAST publishes updates on the Rhydcymerau village noticeboard.


The Rhydcymerau area will also be affected by any wind turbine development on nearby Mynydd Pencarreg

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Current Local Planning Concerns:
Rhydcymerau / Bryn Dafydd:
Single wind turbine, 86.5 metres (283ft) tall.
Rhydcymerau / Pencarreg:
2 wind turbines, 100 metres, 328 ft tall.

For further information on Carmarthenshire Planning Applications (lists & maps) please click here.

Planning & Objections
Addresses for objections to Wind Turbine developments in Carmarthenshire are:
planningconsultations@carmarthenshire.gov.uk Planning Services, Civic Offices, Crescent Road, Llandeilo, SA19 6HW
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